Various Design of Mid-Century Furniture

Mid century furniture is still as popular as it was in 1950s. The vintage pieces are todays sough after styles that favor a functional and sleek appearance. The furniture can be incorporated in a modern home for a modern sleek look.

Great functionality

Mid-century furniture focuses more on the function of the furniture and not its style. Actually, very few mid-century furniture have superfluous design features and elements. Even though the style is not the main focus, the furniture has some style.

Sophisticated and playful

Sleek designs in mid-century furniture display playfulness especially in shape and colors.  Boomerang displays a more playful look compared to sedate sedans rom earlier living room décor. Some furniture features sun-burst shaped clocks in avocado color.

Regarding shape

During the art deco period, jewelry items and furniture drew their inspiration from geometrical shapes. Circular, square and rectangular items were very common during the era.  It is not odd to find a boomerang shaped coach as it is considered a creative and unique piece. When such a seat is placed next to the coffee table, it hugs it properly and allows people to engage better.

Fashionably thin and sleek

Pieces from the mid-century are not heavy. They use just enough material without overstuffing. The result is slim and sleek furniture without an abundance of fabric draping or hanging from the pieces. It is also unlikely that the furniture will have any form of busyness as it uses simple styles. The style used in the furniture today suits the modern look and it is very popular.

Novel materials

The mid-century furniture is unique as it uses materials that are generally not used in making furniture. Some of the materials include plastic, vinyl and chrome. The materials are used together with highly processed wood which ensue that the wood is sleek and light. A good example of pieces which uses the style is the style diners. The diners have vinyl and chrome bar-stools with their beautifully decorated schemes.


Today creativeness in furniture can be achieved by matching and mixing the sophisticated and playful colors to display a modern look. To complement your overall modern look, you can add different mid-century pieces to your plan. You will notice that there are several pieces from the mid-century. This is because the furniture is very long lasting and they have timeless style. Mid-century furniture is attractive and is still in high demand even today due to its high quality.

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