Types of Irish Sweater Coats

There is a trendy and stylish way to beat the cold, windy winter and springs in Ireland. A sweater coat. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but also classic. Unlike your ordinary sweater which is informal or the coat which is formal and hard to maintain, the sweater coats can be worn formally and informally, and are easy to maintain.

Tobie sweater coat.

It is a mixture of acrylic and wool which make a very durable fabric. Tobie sweater coat is perfect for light winter conditions synonymous with spring. The coat combines elegant style, utmost comfort and utility giving a very good finish on the body. The free fringe beautifies it the more perfecting the killing look.

Apart from the good look, it’s very easy to maintain. You can either hand wash it or use a washing machine. The durable fabric doesn’t wear off fast. Besides, it’s fairly priced and is what every Irish girl would want to adorn.

Kirra hooded sweater.

Its fabric is 100% acrylic. It brings together comfort, quality and luxury in one outfit. It’s pricing is competitive and it’s available in many local stores. The girlish blue color it predominantly comes in cements its appeal. If you are thinking of giving a gift to a female in your life, Kirra hooded sweater would be ideal.

The fabric it is made of makes it suitable for the cold winter conditions. It can also be worn when cycling to protect yourself from the winds.

Its two side pockets not only make it more pleasant to the eye, they also come in handy in the times you forget to pack your hand gloves.

Taking care of the sweater coat is easy and direct. It’s exclusively hand washed. As with many sweaters, drying in a dryer is not recommended. Wrap the sweater in a towel and roll it up allowing the towel to suck out water from the sweater. Thereafter let it dry in a flat position.

Girls’ mossimo supply co sweater coat.

Its fabric is 100% cotton. This fantastic cowl neck sweater comes in a variety of colors, brown, black, white or purple. It combines great looks with maximum protection against the winter cold and winds.

It’s warm, comfortable and classy. The long sleeved coat has good results for both casual and official office wear. The cotton layer can withstand snow fall and sleet. However, it is not exclusively a winter coat. You can easily undo the front buttons and wear it even in fairly mild conditions.

The two front pockets and the classic empire waist climax the aesthetics of the Girls’ mossimo sweater coat. Pricing is okay and it’s readily available for purchase.

In terms of care it has no complications. As with cotton products, hand washing is recommended. Wash with warm or cold water as hot water shrinks the cotton. Wash with specified detergents that are cotton friendly. After washing, do not wring it. Simply use a towel to draw out the water and dry on a flat platform. Never dry a cotton sweater in dyer.

Style and Co sweater coat.

The fabric blends cotton and acrylic. This is for girls who are after spectacular perfect fit. Unlike other winter regalia that are fluffy turning one into a heap of clothing, this sweater coat is fitting and allows you flaunt your figure a bit.

This comfortable sweater coat is most suited for working ladies who are always on the move or those who travel frequently. All these amazing features at very affordable prices.

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