Must have Qualities of Effective School Principal

The principal of any school is responsible for offering guidance and leadership to the school so that it can be on the right path. Principals in the whole world, regardless of their location, carry out the same duties but of late, the duties have also been changing. Principals are no longer looked at as some mere supervisors as they are appreciated as leaders. Their role as leaders encompasses building an effective team consisting of teachers. The role of the team is to nurture and mould students for a brighter future. The question then follows; what are the qualities of an effective principal?

A good and effective principal has a contribution to the achievement of the student. They make sure that teachers perform at their best and they rarely miss school. Characteristics of good principals include;

  • Visionary

An effective principal should first envisions the school’s future then he comes up with short and long term strategies to arrive to the expected future. They consider the internal and external changes in the school’s environment.

  • Must be a leader

A principal takes responsibility of failures and credit for the success of the school. It is therefore important for a principal to have strong leadership skills. Apart from the success and failures, the principal must be ready to find ways of meeting the needs of the students, staff and teachers.

  • Set high goals

An effective principal sets goals for students and teachers. He takes time to explain what he expects from each of them and at what level he expects the gals to be met.

  • Create a learning environment

It is the duty of the principal to make sure that there is a continuous environment for learning. As long as he instills a culture of optimism, learning becomes more professional and welcoming. The teachers should consistently find new ways of learning and teaching.

  • Provided fair judgment

It is wrong for a principal to treat a teacher better than the rest even if the teacher is the principal’s favorite.  Such behavior will make the principal less credible in his leadership.

  • Likeable and approachable

The principal should make it his duty to get to know the teachers and students through deliberate interactions. He should purpose to be where the students and teachers are spending their time like the classrooms, during events and along the hallway. Smiling and greeting the students and staff will contribute in making him approachable.

  • Capitalize on teamwork

The principal knows how to collaborate with teachers to build a strong team. A good team understands the weaknesses and strengths of each other and it helps in building a strong team.

  • Empowers staff

A good principal knows how to involve teachers in making decisions that lead to the improvement of the school. The principal is open to suggestions from teachers.

  • Good in solving problems

Students and teachers look up to the principal to help them solve problems. It is important for the principal not to take sides but should remain proactive and calm while listening and trying to understand everyone. This will help him come up with an unbiased solution that will be good for all.

  • Excellent listener and communicator

The principal jobs Ireland should clearly explain the goals and vision of the school to the students and teachers. To evaluate the progress in achieving the goals, the principal should led by conducting periodic evaluations. He should have excellent listening skills so that he can listen to students, parents, students and staff.

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