Keypad Door Locks, Everything You Need to Know

There are many alternatives and choices when it comes to your home security matters, and they don’t all include keys. What if you are someone who regularly lost keys? This is not a way to keep your home safe! A good alternative is a keypad type of door lock, i.e. you remember a code rather than have a key. Of course, you need to remember said code, but if you are good of memory, this is a great way to secure your home from intruders.

A word of advice however – never write down the code, this totally goes against the ethos of security!

There are countless different keypad door locks in the market, and it’s important to look at several options before making you final choice. You should look at the brand name, the price, how many times you can change the code, how easily it can be installed, and reviews, before you make a final decision on your actual purchase.

You should tick off the following features of your shortlisted locks:

Weatherproof – You need your lock to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions without rusting, malfunctioning or becoming damaged beyond repair.

How many codes can you program? – You might forget the code, and in that case you need to know how to override the code and then reset. Some locks will only let you do this a set number of times, however the mark of 30 is a good average to work to – surely you won’t forget your code 30 times, right?

Does it have a long battery life? – These types of lock do work with batteries, so you need to know what type of battery it is working on, and the average battery life you can expect to receive. This is where it is perhaps worth spending a little extra cash.

Can the lock be integrated with other household functions? – Some of the more all singing, all dancing locks have this function option, and whilst these are the ones that tend to cost more, it can be something which is useful for you.

Strong, sturdy, and durable – Your lock is going to take a lot of usage and that means it needs to stand up to the job with ease. Make sure your lock of choice is strong, it is durable, and sturdy, without being too ‘flimsy’.

A keypad lock is a great alternative to a traditional key lock, and in some cases it could also be used as a back up option too. As long as you do your research before you purchase your product, you can expect to have a very secure method of keeping your home safe from burglars and other unwanted guests.

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