Introduction of The Athena HE Scissor Lift

Kennard’s Hire is giving their clients the capacity to achieve new statures with the select presentation of the most recent off-road get to hardware from Aspac – the Athena HE.
Selective to Kennard’s Hire, the Athena HE scissor lift is very adaptable and to a great degree stable – giving answers for an extensive variety of experts and making once troublesome occupations substantially simpler by a method for significantly enhanced abilities for getting to precarious regions. It’s only one new item we’re propelling in our constant drive to present to you the most creative new innovations and answers for enabling you to carry out your activity better, quicker and more secure.

This scissor lift hire is reduced and lightweight, which means it’s anything but difficult to explore at ground level and transportation is a breeze. It uses the best new innovation and takes the benchmark for a solid scissor lift higher than ever. The Athena HE speaks to the zenith of access innovation.

What highlights does the Athena HE has?

The automated outriggers are best in class outer legs that balance out the Athena HE on slants up to 23 degrees along both the X and Y-hub of the machine, permitting the scissor lift a really exceptional scope of development without giving up soundness. This is the first run-through an off-road scissor lift that has consolidated these highlights into such an adaptable and solid bit of gear.

Free tracks mean the Athena HE is greatly flexible when speaking of different kinds of terrain. The free tracks mean the scissor lift can effectively move through uneven terrain. As opposed to attempting to climb slants or influencing side to side, the tracks move freely of each other to give snappier and more secure development over a worksite.

Single entryway get to is conceivable since the Athena HE is just 796mm wide, which means it fits through standard entryways with no inconvenience. With the rails collapsed down, the aggregate stature goes to an insignificant 1880mm. This makes the Athena HE perfect for any work range, regardless of whether you’re working inside or out this scissor lift can undoubtedly get to territories no other scissor lift can.

An extendable and collapsible bushel can achieve statures up to 7.8 meters. The expansion abilities give additionally access in extraordinary circumstances. The deck slides out to twofold the length of the wicker bin and is equipped for conveying up to 250kg. The railing of the pen dividers can likewise be raised for extra security or brought down to give better access to troublesome ranges.

The double power source implies you can appreciate the Athena HE’s full scope of highlights anyplace you have to work at. It includes a Honda oil motor for use past run of the mill control supply confinements, however, it likewise can be controlled by a 240v power supply in case you’re working inside the scope of one.

The Athena HE is anything but difficult to tow given its littler measurements and the reality it measures a minor 1730kgs. This is moderately light for a scissor lift, particularly one with such phenomenal highlights. The lightweight makes it simple to tow for most work vehicles and in that capacity, the Athena HE can be used over various destinations in any day of the contract.

What can the Athena HE do?

A superior inquiry would be ‘what can’t the Athena HE do?’ People of the trade who require a dependable and adaptable arrangement require looking no further. In the event that a general off-road scissor lift is too enormous and inflexible in its developments and if the platform is excessively costly or lumbering and if your work zone is on a slope or decrease – the Athena HE is the solution to your issues.

This is an incredible instrument for painters taking a shot at expansive ventures. Those overseeing vineyards or plantations can likewise profit by the adaptability the Athena HE gives. Offices supervisors can give better support by getting to troublesome zones. Arborists and exterior decorators can securely achieve new statures. Notwithstanding lighting and sound riggers can carry out their occupations all the more productively through contracting an Athena HE while setting up occasions.

Where would you be able to procure an Athena HE?

The Athena HE is selective to Kennard’s Hire. We pride ourselves on giving the best hardware and instruments for each activity and we’re eager to have the Athena HE as a major aspect of our range.

For those in New South Wales, you can get your Athena HE from our branches at Girraween, Artarmon, Alexandria, and Penrith. Those in Victoria can procure the off-road scissor lift from branches in Richmond, South Melbourne, Doncaster, and Geelong. Queenslanders could pay a visit to Tweed Heads, Springwood or East Brisbane branches to get their hands on this machine. The Athena HE will land in New Zealand in mid-September 2017.

The Athena HE is an awesome bit of gear that offers an enormous measure of mobility with its freely moving tracks, consequently changing outriggers, smaller outline, and extendible wicker bin. The double power sources influence it to ideal for any workplace, and its light development makes it simple to move from point A to B.

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