How to maximize when using Recruitment agencies

A group of social media specialists and recruitment consultants agree that recruitment agencies are a handy toolkit when looking for employment. The agencies have valuable contacts in organizations and they have an in-depth understanding of recruitment. Here are some ways that you can reach out to recruitment agencies and maximize on their position in the recruitment industry.

  1. Research the agencies

Take time to understand whether the agency specializes on graduate market, a specific niche or they are generalists. Connecting with an agency that specializes on what you are looking for guarantees that they will have jobs that you are interested in. You can visit their website to see the jobs that they advertise.

  1. Find out how they can help you

Agencies evaluate your experience and skills to determine if you fit a certain job then they push your applications forward for jobs that you qualify for. Choose an agency that works with organizations that you are interested in or roles that you are qualified to undertake. If you need advice on anything to do with career, talk to a career consultant.

  1. Do not register with too many

As long as you research the agencies, you can choose two or three which suit what you are looking for. Enrolling with too many of them will make it challenging for you to follow up on jobs.

  1. Create and a maintain a relationship

The agency works with organization in ensuring that they get the best candidate for any job vacancy. As a jobseeker, you must aim at standing out from other applicants by probably meeting the agent physically and being quick in responding to their queries on any matter.

  1. Request feedback

Tap into the agency’s knowledge on recruitment industry. Talk to them about how to improve your CV. If they shortlist your name for an interview and you fail to get the job, ask them what went wrong so that you can do better the next time.

  1. Be keen and engaged

Agents want to shortlist candidates who will represent them in the best way. Demonstrate professionalism, energy and enthusiasm when you communicate to the consultants. When they suggest a job for you, be open minded but do not accept to be pushed into a job you do not want.

  1. Be professional and ready

Just like you take time to prepare yourself for job interviews, do not water down the need to prepare for an interview with the agency; read about the agency and have an inside out understanding of the agency.

  1. Have a broad job search strategy

Do not just rely on recruitment agencies to help you land that job, use other avenues such as LinkedIn, social media and job boards. This is because employers make use of many avenues when looking for employees.

  1. Finally

You should not pay anything to the recruitment agency to help you find a suitable job. This is because they are paid by the hiring company to find them a suitable candidate. They offer additional services such as interview advice and CV writing services do not be pushed to hiring them to help you with the services. There are platforms which provide the services for free so you do not have to pay a dime for the services.

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