How to Make your Civil Wedding Ceremony Special

In most cases, civil ceremony takes place in a building that has been licensed for marriage ceremonies. Keep in mind that weddings must be completed between 8:00 am and 6:00pm. The ceremony should be conducted by a registrar. Besides, the ceremony should be non-religious. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your wedding to fit your preferences. Choosing your preferred music and readings are some if the ways of making your wedding special.

It goes without a saying that without music, a civil wedding is likely to be short. Note that the law doesn’t allow you to play religious music or readings when the registrar is present. Besides, the scope of secular poetry, music, and prose is limited by your imagination. The civil wedding ceremonies allow the bride or groom to choose a broad range of music styles including classical songs, operatic arias, and more in different languages.

Here are some of the ways of making your wedding special.

Before the ceremony starts and the bride’s entrance

You can use cool music to create the atmosphere for your wedding. You can consider having a great soloist sing during the bride’s entrance to offer a define beginning for your ceremony. This gives you more time to prepare yourself before exchanging your marriage vows.

It’s also wise to specify special songs to be played or sang before your entrance to set a good scene. Or you can allow the invited musicians to play while the guests are seated before the bride makes her dramatic entrance.

Before marriage vows

During church weddings, so many things happens before you exchange your marriage vows. Opening prayers, hymns, bible readings, and more occur before exchanging marriage vows. However, during a civil wedding, there are no opening prayers or anything else set before the marriage vows. You can consider one or two readings perhaps separated by a song before you and your loved one officially take marriage vows.

You can also begin the ceremony with a special song you have introduced the registrar. Remember, great wedding songs can make a civil wedding unique and interesting.

Exchange of rings

While taking marriage vows and exchanging the rings, you can have the music team sing beautiful songs to reiterate the commitment and vows you’re making. It’s also wise to have some great songs sang in between the marriage vows and exchange of rings. You can also consider taking the vows and exchange the rings then allow the music team to sing several songs.

Registrar’s signing

When the registrar is signing your marriage certificates, some cool music will keep your guests and you as well focused on what’s happening. Songs will also keep you engaged so that you don’t lose the ‘feel’ and ‘mood’ of your wedding.

After registrar’s signing you can allow gospel music and readings

If you like gospel songs and readings, you can schedule them after the signing of the registrar. Note that after the registrar has left, you can do whatever you wish. You can choose someone to take over the ceremony and have your favourite wedding ceremony music.

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