How to effectively deal with job search pressure

With the high levels of unemployment, Kilkenny jobs search is generally a stressful endeavor. It can be difficult to find a job vacancy to apply for even without the frustration of rejections and no feedback on already made application. Follow ups, job interviews, developing job search materials and doing job search research are tasking. With time, this stress can build up compromising your efficiency in finding a job.

Generally, people response to stress can be categorized into two. A type A personality individual will get be overwhelmed by the pressure and tend to get anxious, frustrated, angry and unreasonable. On the other hand, type B personalities tend to ignore the whole situation and continue with life as if the stressful situation does not exist. Then, there the type C individuals. The newly discovered personality type thrive on pressure. They give their best work when under duress.

The type A person takes job search pressures personally and looks at it a reflection of their self-worth. They perceive the rejections and difficulties in getting effective job search results as an attack their self image therefore responding with fear and panic. While the type B personality does not tie the stress to their sense of self worth, they avoid engaging in activities that will put them under pressure. They may refrain from making any attempts in job search so as to avoid the pressure.

Like most of us, you would wish to to be a type c personality. Only a few people in the world naturally belong to this category. However, the personality’s behavior patterns can be learned so that you are able to take right moves even under pressure. You indeed need to get into a type A personality attitude because at times the road to finding a job can be long and unending. Nonetheless, you need to be able to mange your self destructive emotions and keep making deliberate and strategic job search moves.

Type A personalities are highly emotionally self aware. If you are a type A, you notice yourself going into a full blown rage and enter a reactive mode due to the pressure. If you are a type B personality, you notice yourself resign. You notice all the unpleasant emotional response but make a deliberate decision to act soberly.

However, adopting the type C personality behavior patterns is not easy. Our actions are reactions are ingrained in us as habits. To be successful, you will need to identify the disempowering habits and commit to replacing them with better habits. For instance, if the job search pressure keeps you awake at night, instead of soaking in the worry, you may decide to wake up and search for a job or two. Or, when you feel overwhelmed with emotions, find a trustful person that you can talk to. Maybe a friend, counsellor or coach.

Job search is a high stress situation in more ways that we give it credit. Effective and successful job search takes commitment, confidence and control. It takes being deliberate about productive response to the pressure. Engage in stress management activities such as a healthy diet, exercising, meditating and other relaxation techniques to help you cope better.

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