How Attic Insulation cools your home During Summer

Most people have a mentality that the insulation located at their attic is like a frigid winter evening. As it snows outside the insulation keeps the warmth inside and the cold outside. But the fact is, attic insulation is much more than that; it actually works all year round and not just during winter. It also works during summer but read along to understand more.

How attic insulation keep heat away

One of the ways that you can minimize the heat that passes through the outside and the inside of your home is through attic insulation. During summer you want the cool air inside the house and the hot air outside. The opposite is true during winter as you want to warm your home.

There are three types of heat that can help you to understand insulation better;

  • Conduction is when heat passes through different materials. An example is when a spoon becomes hot after it is left in hot tea.
  • Convection is experienced when warm air travel through gases or liquids. This explains why warm air rises as cold air comes down.
  • Radiant heat warms every solid thing on its way as it travels straight from the source. A god example is the sun or furnace heat.

When it is hot the sun’s rays heat your roof (radiant) then through conduction, the roof becomes hot. If there is nothing to interrupt the passage of heat, your home becomes warm through convection.

This is why you need attic insulation. The insulation acts as a barrier and blocks heat from the roof from entering and warming the inside of your home.

Advantages of replacing your attic insulation before winter

  1. Easier insulation

The best time to schedule any work on under-insulated places in the attic is anytime when your roof is being replaced or any work is going on. After the roofer removes the shingles, they can remove the plywood on the roof to enable you to bring down the tools and machines which guarantees a cost effective and clean installation.

The best time to schedule any kind of roof work is during fall, winter or spring before the cold weather sets in. If you have to work on your roof during winter ensure you hire roofers Dublin who will work well without causing any damages.

  1. Warmer winter

Do not wait for too long because your home will soon be very uncomfortable to stay in. It is good for you to install the right insulation so that you can enjoy yearlong insulation for your home.

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