DJ vs. Live Bands

As every couple plans their wedding, they must think about the songs to play during the wedding. The songs chosen and how they are played sets the mood for the wedding. There are instances where a live perfect day wedding band is the most ideal choice while in some cases a DJ is the best choice.

Live band

It is a classical choice for wedding music. It is good for semiformal or black tie weddings as it provides a formal feeling. Since the band members attend the entire event, they are able to switch songs to fit different situations.

Pros of live bands

A band makes the wedding feel upscale and more formal. Bands can improvise easily compared to DJs. Since they have live instruments, they can for example extend the horn when someone dances really well. In most cases when you hire a band, they provide MC services also and lead dancing and singing roles. They are able to handle the roles very well as they already have the attention of the crowd through their singing and it makes it easy to introduce dances and toasts.


If you do not have enough space in your venue, live bands can be a challenge. Most live bands charge more than DJs so if you are working with a small budget, it may be such a hassle to get a good band. Most bands have limited song list compared to DJs.


They are affordable as its just one person and not a group. They always have a playlist so they are limited in improvising on the playlist.


They are cheaper than bands so they are good if you have a tight budget. Since they have smaller equipment, they are good for small venues. Although you need to request any specific song that you would want the DJ to play, in most cases they can play any song that you ask for. Bands have to prepare in advance and so they can’t play just any other song without prior preparation. .


They pay songs from a playlist so it is not easy to improvise like live bands. DJs use speakers but unfortunately, some outdoor venues limit the use of speakers so you have to choose a venue which allows speakers. Since a DJ spends most of the time playing music, you may need to hire an MC and someone to introduce dances and toasts.

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