Can a Broken Key Be Copied?

If you have ever broken a key in a lock, or generally, you will understand that moment of panic when it first happens. The good news is that in most cases a broken key can be copied, to totally rectify the situation, but it will come at a cost, and in some cases, it can be a complex business.

Household and commercial property keys are the easiest things to copy, but a car key can be copied by a specific locksmith. This is something you need to discuss wit your locksmith at the time, as it will affect the cost, as we just mentioned.

Of course, the ease of copying depends on the state of the key, and how badly it is broken. If you have broken the key in a lock, you of course need to try and remove the key from the lock, keeping it as intact as possible. Try and remove it as slowly as you can, because if a part breaks off, this might be the section which is the most important e.g. a groove on the key which affects how to unlock and open the door effectively, or at all. If you fear that you can’t remove it without breaking it into small pieces, it’s a good idea to have a locksmith come out and remove it for you, because they have the specific tools and knowledge to do this without error or further damage.

You don’t necessarily need to have both halves of a key if it has snapped in order to copy it, because the locksmith may be able to read enough information from the key in order to give you a high quality replica, but obviously, both halves are better if at all possible!

The cost will depend on several factors, and mostly the state of the key. If you are trying to copy a transponder, e.g. a key fob with a chip inside, this is going to cost you more, and you will need to go to a specific type of locksmith who deals with electrical chip-types of keys and locks. Overall however, a regular key-type is not going to be an issue. If the key is patented, normally this isn’t an issue either, but not all locksmiths Cork will copy patented keys, so you may need to shop around a little, in order to find someone who will do this for you with no qualms.

Hopefully this information will have eased your worried abut what happens if you break a key, and whether you can get it copied or not. That moment of panic will probably still come if the issue arises, but you can calm yourself with this little chat, and then go to the nearest locksmith who can help you out – at a cost.

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