Bespoke handmade kitchens

What is a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is simply having the kitchen constructed to your particular specifications and characteristics. There is no standardized sizing of furnishings like cabinets and countertops. Absolutely everything can be fitted to your kitchen spacing needs and desires. The deal breaker is finding a good craftsman that can produce what you want. There are many who say they can deliver but end up falling short of what you imagined. There are simple questions to ask that can give you an idea about the expertise of the company. Is the owner a certified and qualified furniture maker? Are they aware of the City and Guild standards? How long have they been in business? Does the company have reviews, testimonials, or legitimate referrals you can contact?

Avoiding the frauds

To avoid fraudulent companies you should ask the above questions and also pay close attention to their customer service. Genuine bespoke services will be attentive to the architectural details of your kitchen, along with the kitchen designs Ireland requirements you desire in order to deliver a unique and personalized product. Companies that do not have your best interests at heart will try to promote standardized products to maximize their profit and avoid fabricating quality work.

Checking handmade claims

When something is handmade, it means that no or a very limited amount of machinery is used. You should ask to see workshops and/or their machinery to know if the product you are paying for will be handmade. Most handmade products have a premium cost to them so do not get fooled into paying more for something you are not sure is actually worth it. What makes handmade so wonderful? It is the fact that a live person put sweat, effort, and feeling into the work. The most looked to factor is that it will be a unique piece of art that only you will own. For the spiritually driven individual (or the picky buyer) this is a great payoff and is worth the extra cost. Be mindful that handmade should also be quality made! It should be real solid wood that is being used in the construction of your kitchen.

The planning process

Your bespoke planner will be greatly interested in speaking with you, fully understanding what you expect, desire, and need. This goes from design of countertops to layout of storage spaces; all if not most of your kitchen can be customizable. You should be aware that architectural details will outline the possibilities of your customization options. He or she will then draw up designs, like blueprints, of your kitchen. Do not be afraid to ask all the questions you need in order to understand the drawing. They can be remade until you are satisfied and the bespoke planner should have no issue at all about your exacting desires.

Once the design is indeed perfect for you, you can make the decision to go ahead with the job. Do not pay the total cost upfront. A third of the price should be enough for a deposit, followed by another third midway through the project, and the final third at the end.

Again, this is an average payment plan. You should speak clearly with the bespoke planner but do avoid paying everything before or after beginning the task.

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