A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Attending a wedding doesn’t mean someone understands the entire process when it’s his or her turn to walk down the aisle. Choosing family photographers Dublin is one of the things you should in preparation for your wedding day. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right wedding photographer.

Step 1: Hire a professional wedding photographer

Choosing the right photographer is a daunting task even for someone who has read hundreds of articles on how to choose the right wedding photographer. It’s recommended that you choose a photographer who understands that your wedding is an important one-time event in your life. If you decide to hire someone who doesn’t live near your wedding venue, then, request the photographer to travel in time.

Step 2: Choose a photography package

You should have spoken to the photographer during the first meeting about the kind of coverage you desire for your wedding during the first meet. When choosing a photography, go for an option that covers all the important moments during your wedding.

Thus, you need at least 10 hours of coverage so that the photographer can start with the bridal preparation and capture the entire event up to the end. The wedding photographer should help you to decide if you want a wedding album (it’s the best way to preserve your photographs digitally) and should be clear if he or she will hand over all the digital files or will keep them as samples.

Step 3: Decide how your wedding day will work

A photographer can use either the traditional photography or journalistic photography style. With the traditional photography, the photographer issues instruction on how you should pose for the photos. In most cases, traditional photography is characterized by fake smiles and sometimes tears and other emotions. However, it’s recommended for more formalized photographs.

Journalistic photography allows the photographer to capture a series of events and moments without alerting the subjects. In fact, you may not even realize that the photographer captured several images.

Note that it’s important to plan how your wedding day will work. For instance, you can consider starting with the traditional photography especially at the hotel. The photographer can capture the hotel details such as invitations rings, flowers, jewelry, and more. You may also consider inviting the photographer to the bride’s makeup shop and capture these memories. Whatever you need to be captured during your wedding day, plan for it and ensure that your photographer understands what you need.

Step 4: what will happen after the wedding ceremony

In most cases, the wedding photographer will indicate what happens after the wedding ceremony in the contract or via the email. The photographer will select photos that best capture your wedding day, edit them and send them to you via email.

Also, remember to chat with the photographer about the average number of photographs that you need. Keep in mind that a photographer may take over a thousand photos during a wedding ceremony but edit and send a few hundreds of these photos to you.

Step 5: The wedding album

The last thing your photographer should do is to design a great wedding album for you (if this was part of the agreement). It’s wise to discuss with your photographer how the wedding album will be prepared to avoid nasty surprises.

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