A Professional Contractor’s pre-winter Roofing Tips

It is important for you to carry out pre-winter inspections for your roof to avoid surprises. Ignoring the inspection can cost you a lot in repairs after winter kicks in.

Three pre-winter roofing inspection tips

You should schedule roof inspection every year.

  1. Look on the inner side of the roof to ensure there are no leaks

Leaks appear as wet areas or stains in your attic or stains on your ceiling. Even though some roofing problems are visible, some remain hidden. You need to hire a roofing expert to inspect your roof so that they can check even the hidden signs of roof problems.

Some people trust DIY techniques. Unless you are experienced in roofing, DIY can turn out to be enormous and difficult, in some case, it can also get dangerous as you might not apply the required safety measures.

  1. Inspect the flashings and shingles

When inspecting your roof, use a binocular to look for cracked, missing, curled, or loose shingles. Over time, weather conditions such as storms and strong winds can damage your roof by compromising the integrity of the shingles. Be keen on other penetrations and flashings around exhaust vents and chimneys. Ensure they are well sealed against weather conditions.

A professional roofing expert will ascend your roof and check the chimney, vents, roof construction, and flashings. He will be keen on damaged chimney bricks, wear from exposure to extreme sun, broken shakes or tiles, missing shingles, and cracked flashings. The expert will also highlight any issue and a solution.

  1. Check the insulation levels on the attic

A poorly insulated attic can lead to ice dams or condensation which can easily result in mildew and mold. The effects have a direct negative impact on your home’s structure. If you live in an old home, you will realize that there is insufficient insulation because there were no building codes sometime back. Such a home has a high energy requirement due to constant cooling and heating systems.

The roofing expert will be keen on insulation, moisture levels and ventilation and provide an appropriate solution which you should implement before winter.

Regular inspection prolong the life of the roof

Your roof plays an integral role in maintaining the value of your home. A professional inspection will help you to know the exact state of your roof.

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