A band or a wedding DJ

Entertainment plays an essential role in the realization of a perfect wedding reception. There are a couple of wedding bands Ireland and DJs one can choose. You can opt for entertainers that best suit your personality. However, each person you select comes with highlights and detriments. The main aspects to consider before reaching your final decision are songs selection and pricing. Here are some guidelines to help you pick on what you want.

  1. Your Style

Weddings vary and yours should be done according to your preference. The music really defines how you would like your reception, whether you want a classy or party mood. The choice of music should go hand in hand with the aura you intend to create. Although bands are great for achieving a particular niche of music, DJs can also deliver the same. The atmosphere you want on your big day will entirely depend on the company you choose.

  1. Wedding Song Selection

The type of song you desire will heavily determine the entertainers to go with. DJs offer a wide variety of music while bands are limited to their brand. You should ensure the company you choose has the song before the D day. If you go with the band, they should master a specific song that means something to you and your fiancé. DJs have an added advantage because they will lighten up the guests by playing their requests which is not the same for bands. However, bands can still engage the guests by their lively energy and vibrant performance.

  1. Pricing for DJs and bands

You have to create a wedding budget before settling for your preferred entertainer. Bands may cost more because they are performing live and will thereby engage more. They are also versatile and can customize the music to make you feel special on your wedding day, like putting your name in a song to make this day a memorable one. You will spend less on a DJ and instead let the money cater to other expenses. Entertainment might take up to 12% of the total budget, so you might want to make it worth the cost. Companies give packages to help wedding planners save time and money where several services like providing lighting and photo booth rentals are offered.

  1. Space

You will need more sound for a more substantial reception. For a more extensive area, sound enforcement is necessary, and you will get this from either the band or DJ. A band is equipped with more instruments, and they will require a more significant setup for a stage and electricity circuits. You will have to get a spacious banquet hall to cater for all these requirements.

  1. Keep in mind

You have to hold auditions to make sure the entertainers are up to your standards to avoid disappointment on your wedding day. This can be done by reviewing their demos, pictures and client referrals.

  1. Before you sign a contract

To work well with the company, you have to know if they will consider your request and let you make a list of top songs to be played.

Weddings are the best days of anyone’s life, and hope this article has given all the necessary guidelines on what to choose.

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