6 Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Cover Band

Choosing wedding bands Cork to play during the reception and the wedding is among the most important decisions when preparing your wedding. With there being several bands, it can be a daunting task to choose the ideal band. Below are six questions that can help you choose the best band amongst the several options available.

  1. What does your price include?

This is among the most important question to ask. Most couples set out a budget when preparing their wedding so it is very helpful to know what the band service include. Does it include a MC, PA system, lighting or what does it include?

  1. How much space will the band require?

Before you start looking for a band, you need to have seen the wedding venue. Different number of band members occupies various spaces. For a 4 person band, they require 12 feet deep by 15 feet wide. The more the number of band members, the more the number of instruments and the more space they will need.

  1. How much time will the band need to set up?

Timing is very important during the wedding day. A good band arrives early before the event begins so that they can test the instruments. In most cases, bands arrive 2 hours to the wedding time mainly to run the sound check. Make sure that the venue is comfortable with the two hours set up time so that the band does not get inconvenienced.

  1. Is the band available for the reception and the ceremony?

Hiring a band to handle both the ceremony and reception is very convenient as you will have less follow ups to do. Most bands welcome the idea of playing in the two events and some even give discounts. Before the band signs the contract, make sure they know your choice songs or are willing to learn before the wedding day.

  1. Is the band comfortable in adding more members?

Even though the band might not include all the instruments or vocalists that you want, they can adjust to meet your needs. Some bands consist of drums, bass, keyboard, male vocals, and drums. You can request for female vocalist, a horn, backup singers, or any other instrument that will complete the band according to you. Ask the band if they can make provision for another member or instrument.

  1. Can I suggest songs?

Even though band members are skilled musicians, it is not a guarantee that they know the songs that you want for your wedding. Most bands are willing to play your songs but you must provide the songs in good time so as to allow time for practice.

Ask any question that you have and that will help make your day memorable.

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